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Our Aim

PHAKAMISA is a ministry of Pinetown Methodist Church (near Durban, South Africa) and exists to serve and uplift impoverished communities through the provision of educational training, resourcing and support.
Caregiver Program


Phakamisa is based in Pinetown Methodist Church using the Church and its buildings for the Educare and Childminding classes and Caregiver workshops with morning Devotions being held in the beautiful church. The buildings provide us with plenty of classrooms, a training kitchen, model school, anti-waste collection/sorting room, offices and outside a vegetable garden.Don’t forget to check out our NEWS page for updates …………


We work out of Pinetown in a radius of 50km serving in the townships, informal settlements and rural communities. For many homes there is no running water, sewerage or electricity and unemployment is high. Our Educare and Caregiver Monitors visit their groups to ensure that the training and education learnt at Phakamisa is being implemented within Educare Centres and Caregiver Groups providing help and support where needed.

Every Child Deserves a
Better Future!

Every Child Deserves a Better Future!

PHAKAMISA responds to the needs of adults and children from poor communities who are living with HIV/AIDS through our uplifting and economically empowering programmes

Early Childhood Development

An Early Childhood Development Centre is a facility that offers education and care to children of 0-6 years. These can be Edu-Care centres run in churches, community halls, homes, or even under trees.


We Care for Children of South Africa


Our courses offer basic, practical training for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and teaching:

0-3-year-old children through our Childminders Course. 4-6-year-old children through our Edu-care Course. 250 adults annually participate in PHAKAMISA’s Educare training courses resulting in 10,000 pre-school children receiving a good education.

Volunteer Testimonials

Thanks to you, I was able to participate in a very important charity event. Thank you!

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore

Austin, TX

Thanks! It was nice to help those in need. I believe that we are doing a great good deed!

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee

Hartford, CT

I am so glad that I was able to visit Africa and help starving children. I would like to go again!

Sam Green

Sam Green

New York, NY

I have long wanted to take part in visiting Africa and doing charity work. Thank you!

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Portland, OR

It is unacceptable that in our time there are starving children. I am glad to help them!

Nick Carter

Nick Carter

Boston, MA

Building a Better Future

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